Nonno Pepo started to work on viticulture and winemaking at an early age, and later, despite the difficult times, his farm was successfully upgraded by his son Cvetko.


The real prosperity of the farm was after the independence of Slovenia, where Zlatko and Cvetan live with their families today.

In the modern equipped wine cellar, we produce fresh white wines, among which Rebula - the Queen of white wines, as well as white and red ripened in barns, such as the Selected White and Selected Reds.


A visit to the home wine cellar will serve you with a wide range of wines suitable for all your desires and tastes:
1. White wines and Rose - fresh line
2. Red wines - fresh line
3. Selected wines - aged in barrels


You can find our wines:

- at our homestade Belica in Medana

- at House Marica in Šmartno

- in restaurants and winebars in Slovenia

- in Slovena La-Vin Larisa Žibrik s.p. 

- in Bosna 

- in Great Britain

- in Israel

- we ship wines anywhere


Our grape varieties