The beginnings of the house date back to 1898, when the name Belica appears for the first time. In this year, "Nono" Pepo was born, who was called "Beličca" because of his bright hair by his mother - a name that soon followed the house.


Hotel Belica is located in the village of Medana, in the heart of the wine region of Brda, from where guests can enjoy a wonderful view from the Alps to the Adriatic sea.




… the playful, hilly land, where you will be mesmerised by the colourful palette of colours, smells and tastes.


Millions of years ago the area of Brda was covered by the sea. It was the time when the fertile soil was created that one day will give tons of juicy fruit and wines of exceptional quality.


Gradually, the sea withdrew and mother earth, through the centuries, created an idyllic landscape strewn with hills, intertwined with brooks and streams, covered with lush greenery. Landscape, which gradually descends to the vast plains of Friuli and the horizon disappears into the depths of the Adriatic Sea.


Meanwhile the human hand sowed and reaped and so appeared orchards, vineyards, gardens, groves of olives and herbs and everything that makes the Brda region so fabulous.