1.) If the booking system does not list available rooms in your chosen travel period please try to book a room in our house Marica!
With this link:  also you can write us an request per email



2.) In case you want to book more rooms at a time, please use the button "+ Add Room" and choose how many adults and children will be accommodated in this room.

If you want to book for example 2 rooms, you must first select the offer for the first room in the offers below. As soon as you click on the "book now" button, you will be redirected to the offer page. Then click on the "Select offer and proceed to selection #2". Then repeat the process for the second room and click on "Select offer and proceed to Checkout". If you have selected offers for both rooms, you will be redirected to the last booking step, where both rooms are combined in a single offer. Now all you have to do is complete the booking.